Mansfield Tree Trimming

Specialty Tree & Bucket Service is proud to serve all of Richland, Ashland, and Knox counties.



Tree Trimming Services in Richland, Ashland, and Knox counties

Specialty Tree & Bucket Service has the tools and crew for any tree trimming and pruning in Mansfield or the surrounding areas. We take great pride in protecting your property, making it look better and feel safer than before we arrived. That’s our promise.

If you’ve got trees that are out of control or need cleaned up, contact the experts at Specialty Tree & Bucket Service to take care of them today.

Bucket and crane services are always available for large or hard-to-reach trees.


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Mansfield tree bucket crane service

No tree is out of our reach.

Our bucket and crane allow us to safely reach tall trees or trees in tight or hazardous spaces. So you can be sure that no job is too tall or too hazardous for the experts at Specialty Tree & Bucket Service.

Signs your tree needs trimmed

There a many reasons a tree could need trimming or pruning – from interference with power lines, broken branches, and more.

So what are some signs your tree might need to be trimmef? Let’s take a look.

Broken Branches

If your tree has branches that are bowing or hanging on by a splinter, it’s weak and should be pruned as soon as possible for safety. Pay attention before and after storms to make sure there’s nothing that looks unstable.

Branches close to utility lines

Your tree could be the reason your street loses power. All it takes is one broken branch in a storm to cause issues if it hits a live wire or transformer box. Any tree work around a power source needs to be done by a professional.


No tree is too strong for Mother Nature. Powerful winds, rain, snow, or ice can damage your tree and require it to be trimmed. 

Dead or dying limbs

If your tree has a sick limb, you’re likely to notice spots and cracks on the actual branch and a lack of leaves. Trimming these branches helps save you and your property from damage and can also prevent the disease from spreading to the rest of the tree.

Tree down? We've got you covered.

We’re available for emergency services 24/7/365. Day or night, rain or shine, we’ll be ready to make those stressful moments less stressful.