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Whenever you have a tree removed or taken down, there’s a good chance you’l be left with an eyesore of a stump on your proprty. Specialty Tree & Bucket Service has the tools and crew to remove any stump from your lawn, allowing your to reclaim that space for future projects or for something else. 

Big stumps, small stumps – it doesn’t matter. We can ground it down and haul away all the debris, leaving your lawn undisturbed.


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Stump grinding Mansfield, Ohio

Why have your tree stumps removed?

A stump that isn’t dealt in an appropriate time frame with can lead to more tree growth or rotting root decaying underground.

So why should people have their tree stumps removed?  Let’s take a look.

Additional Tree Growth

Cutting a tree to a stump sounds like an easy solution, but if healhty roots aren’t removed, new roots can grow and eventually lead to additional tree growth. Moreover, if the new tree grows long enough, it may produce a tree that has mutiple trunks and much harder to remove.

Decay and Rot

Tree stumps and their root systems rot and decay over time if they aren’t dealt with. The fungi or types of mold that can grow could take over the reamaining root system  and eventually lead to disease and infection to other trees or plants in your yard.


In addition to decay, rotting tree stumps may bring in pests such as termites, ants, beetles, and more. And those pests can make their way into your home, leaving you with a extermination bills and bigger problems. 

Tree down? We've got you covered.

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